Atlas Copco launches the GA 7-15/18-22 VSD iPM series variable speed permanent magnet compressors.

Atlas Copco launches the GA 7-15/18-22 VSD iPM series variable speed permanent magnet compressors.

Wuxi, China, July 2018 – Atlas Copco, the global leader in the compressor industry, has introduced the new GA 7-15/18-22 VSD iPM series compressors which have an unprecedented reliability.

An intelligent drive and control.

The energy consumption can be reduced by on average 35% compared to fixed speed screw compressors.

The new GA 7-15/18-22 VSD iPM series is another outstanding product in the permanent magnet variable speed range of air compressors.

The main benefits of Atlas Copco’s GA 7-15/18-22VSD iPM series for our customers are efficiency, reliability and energy efficiency. It uses the oil-cooled permanent magnet frequency conversion technology, which not only has the advantages of all permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors, but also runs more reliable and more efficient and can effectively provide users with an extremely reliable compressed air source. The GA 7-15/18-22 VSD iPM’s horizontally designed oil-cooled motor with Atlas Copco’s proprietary frequency converter and algorithms ensures that the compressor remains reliable and efficient. In long-term operation the total cost of ownership is low and it is suitable for the often harhs Chinese conditions.

The GA 7-15/18-22 VSD iPM has several notable features:

• Oil-cooled permanent magnet motor (iPM), equalizing IE4 efficiency

• Direct drive that is efficient and has a small footprint

• Free air delivery (FAD) adjustment range from 20-100%, among which energy efficiency is better than GB19153 level 1 in 35-100% operating range

• Optimized cooler design to ensure stable operation in harsh environments

• Upright oil tank and multi-stage spinning oil combination with extremely low oil carry over

• Elektronikon® controllers have powerful control and monitoring capabilities to minimize energy consumption.

For customers with a fluctuating air demand, we strongly recommend the new GA 18-22 VSD iPM series compressors, which provide customers with efficient, reliable and energy-saving air generation by adjusting the speed of the motor to the customer’s air demand.

Post time: Apr-13-2021